heslop & Bentata

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Members of OURC, here I present some news on our recent smallbore varsity result and the ladies match. We had a lovely little trip to Bisley with our Adjutant Tom Hendricks at the helm of the OURC party van. We arrived in good time and had a lovely lunch and some cake and met the opposition camp from Cambridge.

We got down on point and had a strong shoot with all members of the Blue’s team shooting very strongly. Special merits to Aanika Virani who won her half Blue in the Heslop with a fantastic 191/200, even after her gun malfunctioned on the first shoot, forcing her to use a backup she hadn’t shot before!

It was a tense and close match. After the rifle fire had died down and the lead had cleared, the two great leaders of the ancient clubs sat together in the DMZ and discussed the thorny issue of scores:



After many counts and false calls, the final scores were released. Cambridge had it, winning the Heslop and Bentata.

The final scores for the Heslop were 1521:1473 to Cambridge a win of 48 points.

The Bentata team scored 745:687 to Cambridge a win of 58 points.

Well done to all the shooters, it was a lovely day indeed.